Artiste Peintre
A look on my painting

A look on my painting

“The beautiful look of Hélène Mellaerts, all  in sweetness and kindness, knows wonderfully well command to her artist hand the transcription of the beauties of the world on her paintings which we are enchanted with.

Often serene, sometimes marked with the violences of Nature, we are  overjoyed us with her landscapes. With regrets, we leave them as if it was a lost paradise.

Her thematic paintings about the place of man in his universe guide us on the paths of a difficult  thought, where lucidity is mixing with renouncement and despair, but Hélène is here watching, faithful to the timeless mission of the artists : uninitiated guardian angels, they unveil for us the secrets of our happiness on this earth  : reassured by the beauties revealed to us by their palette , united with the indispensable tolerance that our common condition requires, their art goes with us in the search for that harmony, the quest of which is , without doubt our sole and modest grandeur.

I like and respect what this artist offers to us, you had guessed it?…”

Colette F-F.

July 2014

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