Helene Mellaerts


Paintings 2012

Paintings 2012

From a small town to a megalopolis, a gateway to a bridge, urban world is changing, it expands, it expands in length, width and height, and shrinks at the same time being more concentrated. The vision of each is different and pictorial representations can to give one’s imagination free rein. From the narrow perspective of an old neighbourhood from one capital to open wide avenues between groups of buildings, the contrast between the two visions is tangible and the feelings they suggest are contrasted.

The prospect bars towers create spaces in inverted pyramids and old neighbourhoods create spaces in the shape of reel. All combine to play and assemble all these lines and shapes that seem to clash.

Cities change, evolve, move. Unknown territory is created, an area developed to be more “safe”, territory that induces new behaviors. People physically near, are they not become too close to be identical?

The externalization of memory, for a variety of media that become smaller and smaller, making it accessible to the greatest number. This is accompanied by a loss of orality and thus the loss of ownership of that culture. The building bar behaves like the memory card from a computer, the way of a man is readable and also volatile.

Does the man takes the “measurement” of this unknown? This is the question.


“Liberté, Égalité et …”
acrylique et collages sur toile

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